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Jacksonville Criminal Defense AttorneyGeorge Zimmerman who is currently being charged with second degree murder for the death of Trayvon Martin back in February of this year. This case has brought special attention from supporters and protesters across the Nation. Governmental officials have lost their jobs and a special prosecutor has been brought in to handle this case.

Currently George Zimmerman has been released on his second bond of 1 million dollars. This decision was made after the Judge had previously revoked Zimmerman’s $150,000 bond after it was revealed Zimmerman and his wife had lied to the court regarding the financial situation. They did not disclose that they had acquired over $100,000 in donations for Zimmerman’s defense.

Zimmerman is currently located in a safe house located in Seminole County, Florida. His security team is protecting him while he is out on bail.

The judge in Sanford, Florida has announced this morning that Zimmerman’s new bond will be in the amount of $1 Million.

This second bond amount has stemmed from his earlier bond ($150,000) was revoked following information that Zimmerman and his wife mislead the Court as to their financial stability.

Last week the judge hearing arguments from both sides of the case. The prosecution pushing for no bond because Zimmerman had lied to the Court and therefore, could not be trusted. On the other side, the Defense, argued Zimmerman’s self-defense claim is strong whereas the prosecution’s case is weak.

Today was another bond hearing where Zimmerman’s attorney, O’Mara, presented evidence as to Zimmerman’s injuries he sustained during the altercation with Trayvon Martin that resulted in Zimmerman shooting Trayvon in what Zimmerman is calling self-defense. This case started the controversy that Florida is currently facing for our “Stand Your Ground” law.

After lengthy testimony presented by both the Defense and the State, the Judge has determined that he will not make an immediate determination as to release Zimmerman on bond or not. He wants time to review all the evidence and make a proper determination.

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyAs a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, the situations people place themselves in boggle my mind sometimes. However, a strong Defense and zealous representation could prove to be invaluable in the your Criminal Case. One can never be too cautious and one can never know when the police will arrive and want to talk or arrest you. That is why one must always be aware of their surroundings and be weary when traveling on the city’s motorways.

One such incident of blind-luck worked out for the Columbia Police Department. The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon when Chaylen Ortega (22) and Keith Wheeldon (31) were pulled over for a tag violation. A citation that would be dropped if proof of a valid tag is shown to the Court. However, in this case, chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine were located inside the vehicle. The police found and seized lithium batteries, pseudoephedrine, and a container of muriatic acid. All chemicals required in the manufacture of Meth.

Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested and booked at the Columbia County Detention Facility. They both have been charged with the possession of listed chemicals with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance (a 2nd degree felony). Ortega is being held without bond due to her violation of probation and a warrant out for her arrest. Wheeldon, on the other hand, had a bond set at $5,000.

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyYesterday I reported on a Meth Lab located in Jacksonville’s exclusive gated community, James Island. Well, today I report a Meth Lab located in Jacksonville’s Argyle area. The location of the Meth Lab was Motel 6 located at 6109 Youngerman Circle. If that address seems familiar it is because JSO just recently busted a previous Meth Lab in the same location!

In this case, the Motel 6 security guard waived the police down on Wednesday night. He reported smelling unusual orders and the particular behavior of room 107’s occupants. When police arrived at the door the two occupants, Michael Aderhold (46) and Dawn Hoden (39) denied any illegal activity. However, it was soon uncovered that the two were in-fact manufacturing methamphetamine inside the Motel room.

Aderhold has been charged with possession of chemicals to manufacture a controlled substance and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Hoden has been charged with possession of chemicals to manufacture a controlled substance. Both are being held in Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility and neither are eligible to receive a bond.

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyIf a person goes through the yellow pages or searches the internet, one could be overwhelmed with the amount of Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys available in Jacksonville, Florida. However, selecting an attorney is not an easy process. Often, people will ask whether or not they should hire a private attorney or use a public defender. My response is always “if you can afford a private attorney, you should hire one.”

First, the services of the office of the public defender in Jacksonville are only for those clients that cannot afford an attorney. A public defender is not appointed to everyone that wants an attorney, just for those that do not have funds available to hire a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney.

Second, a Jacksonville criminal defendant cannot chose which attorney at the public defender’s Office will represent them. Therefore, if one is unhappy with their public defender, they cannot “shop around” and request another attorney be appointed. There are different types of attorneys at the public defender office and in private practice. Some attorneys are better than others. When you hire a Jacksonville criminal attorney, you have the option of meeting with the attorney and choosing which attorney better suits your needs.

Jacksonville Criminal LawyerGeorge Zimmerman turned himself into police on Sunday afternoon after having his bail revoked two days earlier due to issues regarding his financial stability. Zimmerman was returned into custody around 1:30 on Sunday just a mere 40 minutes before the deadline set by the Judge on Friday. He is currently list as being held without bail and has established a jail account.

According to reports, Zimmerman’s bail was revoked after his wife and himself misguided the Court when determining a bail amount. The Court stated this was done in order to obtain a lower bond. Although the exact amount is unclear, Zimmerman’s defense website had accrued an amount between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars. A sum much larger than Zimmerman led on to during the original bond hearing. His defense team has requested another bond hearing to clarify any issues that may remain before the court and hope Zimmerman’s turning himself in will be looked kindly before the court.

For those worried about his safety, he will be placed within isolation in the jail. His cell is a luxurious 67 square foot cell. Included in his accommodations are a private toilet, two beds, a pillow, sheets, and a blanket.

Zimmerman3The judge at this morning’s hearing revoked George Zimmerman’s Bond! Zimmerman was recently released on a $150,000 bond following testimony that he and his family were of limited funds. However, testimony has revealed that Zimmerman’s website raised over $200,000 for his defense. This amount was not disclosed at his initial bond hearing.

After hearing testimony today the Judge has revoked Zimmerman’s bond. He now has 48 hours to turn himself in.

JailJacksonville Arrests occur all the time and when you caught of guard and arrested by the Jacksonville Police, you may not know what to do or say. That is why the advice and counsel of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer could prove to be invaluable. In Jacksonville, first appearance court (also known as bond hearing), most Jacksonville Criminal Defendants will not be represented by a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. Under Florida law, a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is entitled to appear before a judge within 24 hours of his arrest. Due to this Florida law, Duval County first appearance court is held twice a day, every day.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I have seen many Jacksonville Criminal Defendants stand before a judge without representation. Although there is a Jacksonville Public Defender present in the room, this is only one Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent all the Jacksonville Criminal Defendants for day. It is not possible for a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney to zealously and adequately represent that many Jacksonville Criminal Defendants at one time.

That is why Jacksonville Criminal Defendants who hire a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent them at their bond hearing have the benefit of one lawyer for just one client. Also, an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer will give the judge favorable and valuable information about the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant to the judge at the bond hearing. This evidence will allow the judge to consider these mitigating factors in hopes of lowering the bond or releasing the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant on ROR.

CuffsHave you been arrested in Jacksonville, St. Johns, Clay, or Nassau County? Were you scheduled to appear before a judge but failed to appear for one reason or another? If so, you could be facing a Jacksonville Capias. This will only compound an already serious Florida Criminal Offense case. That is why the advise, counsel, and representation of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer may prove to be invaluable in your Florida Criminal Offense case.

In Jacksonville, if a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant misses a court date, the judge will issue a capias. A capias is also known as a bench warrant, because the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant failed to appear in court. Usually, the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is arrested pursuant to the Jacksonville warrant and must go before the judge to explain the circumstances surrounding your failure to appear. Depending upon the circumstances the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant’s failure to appear in court, he or she may be able to get the warrant recalled. If the warrant is recalled, then the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant will not be arrested, and he or she can proceed with the case as if the judge never issued the capias.

However, If you have missed a court date, you should talk to a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. Do not flee, because that could only make things worse. In some cases, you may be charged as a fugitive and extradited. In contrast, if you do nothing, you may be arrested when you least expect it, as a police officer will take you into custody if he or she discovers the Jacksonville Arrest Warrant. In some Jacksonville Florida criminal cases, you may be able to work a case out, including the outstanding capias, all at one time avoiding any type of arrest.

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