What Happens after I am Arrested in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyJacksonville Arrests occur all the time and when you caught off guard and arrested by the Jacksonville Police, you may not know what to do or say. That is where the advice and counsel of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer could prove to be invaluable. In Jacksonville, first appearance court (also known as bond hearing), most Criminal Defendants will not be represented by a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. This can prove to be a mistake if the Defendant has a record or the offenses are serious. They could be denied bail and remain in jail until their court date.

Under Florida law, a Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is entitled to appear before a judge within 24 hours of his arrest. Due to this Florida law, Duval County first appearance court is held twice a day, every day.

I have seen many Jacksonville Criminal Defendants stand before a judge without representation. Although there is a Jacksonville Public Defender present in the room, this is only one Defense Lawyer to represent all the Jacksonville Criminal Defendants for day. It is not possible for a Criminal Attorney to zealously and adequately represent that many Jacksonville Criminal Defendants at one time.

That is why Jacksonville Criminal Defendants who hire a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent them at their bond hearing have the benefit of one lawyer for just one client. Also, an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer will give the judge favorable and valuable information about the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant to the judge at the bond hearing. This evidence will allow the judge to consider these mitigating factors in hopes of lowering the bond or releasing the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant on ROR.

If a loved one has been arrested for a Jacksonville Criminal Offense, time is of the essence. Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer today to discuss your case and make sure your rights are being protected.

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