Second time Police arrive at Argyle’s Motel 6 for Meth Labs

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyYesterday I reported on a Meth Lab located in Jacksonville’s exclusive gated community, James Island. Well, today I report a Meth Lab located in Jacksonville’s Argyle area. The location of the Meth Lab was Motel 6 located at 6109 Youngerman Circle. If that address seems familiar it is because JSO just recently busted a previous Meth Lab in the same location!

In this case, the Motel 6 security guard waived the police down on Wednesday night. He reported smelling unusual orders and the particular behavior of room 107’s occupants. When police arrived at the door the two occupants, Michael Aderhold (46) and Dawn Hoden (39) denied any illegal activity. However, it was soon uncovered that the two were in-fact manufacturing methamphetamine inside the Motel room.

Aderhold has been charged with possession of chemicals to manufacture a controlled substance and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Hoden has been charged with possession of chemicals to manufacture a controlled substance. Both are being held in Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility and neither are eligible to receive a bond.

These Jacksonville Offenses are 2nd degree felonies punishable by a prison term up to 15 years and/or fines not to exceed $10,000. These are severe punishments and going after the Criminal Justice system is not always advantageous to unrepresented Jacksonville Criminal Defendants. That is where the advice and representation by a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney may prove to be invaluable. Therefore, if you are facing a Jacksonville Criminal Offense, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney today.

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