Meth Lab Located in Jacksonville’s James Island neighborhood

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyThe US economy has taken its toll on Jacksonville residents and people across this Nation. These tough economic times have driven some individuals to act in a manner that is not themselves. We have all felt the impact of the plummeting housing market and job reductions. However, during these times crime, drugs, and alcohol abuse are at their all time highs. As a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, this economy has increased the crime rate by individuals who would normally never think of such an act.

One specific case appeared recently in Jacksonville’s headlines. Charles Bickerton, 40, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with the intent to sell and intent to manufacture controlled substance. Normally, this story would not get my attention, as Meth Labs have become, unfortunately, a common occurrence around Jacksonville. However, the Meth Lab was located in Jacksonville’s exclusive gated community, James Island. Furthermore, this lab was not located in a shack, car, or someone’s shed; it was located in a house worth over $300,000.

Charles was probably an upstanding citizen who stayed clear of the law. Maybe these tough times have driven Charles to seek other means of monetary accruement. Maybe Charles lost his job and could not find other employment and sought this alternative to stay in the black. Without talking with Charles directly, I cannot know his motives. Although his actions were illegal, a good Jacksonville Criminal Attorney can present these mitigating factors to the Court and the State in order to negate the offense or get a lessor sentence.

So if you are facing a Jacksonville Drug Charge, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney today. It could prove to make all the difference in your case.

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