Benefit of Running a Florida Criminal Background Check on Yourself

As a Florida attorney that represents criminal defendants seeking to expunge or seal their records, I have many clients that are surprised to learn that they have criminal records, even though the charges were dropped. The Florida Criminal Background check will show that a person was arrested and the charges were dropped. However, being arrested for a Florida crime can have a devastating affect on your future.

Imagine this. You were arrested in Jacksonville Beach, Florida for domestic battery upon your spouse. The police take you to the Duval County Jail, where you are booked and fingerprinted. Within 24 hours, you are released on bond. A few weeks later, the Duval County State Attorney’s Office realizes that you merely acted in self-defense, and the charges are dropped. A year later, you are applying for a job and the potential employer runs a Florida Criminal Background Check. After requesting your Florida Criminal Arrest History, the employer learns of your arrest for domestic battery in Jacksonville and decides not to hire you. This could have been prevented by expunging your Florida Criminal Background.

To expunge your Florida Criminal Arrest, contact a Florida Expunction Lawyer.

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