Checking your Florida Criminal Background, Arrest Record, and Criminal History

Right now, you cannot turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing about the declining economy and rising unemployment. In Florida, many people are losing their jobs and looking for new ones. This creates a surplus of potential employees and a shortage of jobs for Floridians to fill. More than ever, it is important that employees make themselves as marketable as possible. Therefore, a Jacksonville criminal history can limit a person’s chances to get a job.

This is why it is important to seal or expunge your Florida criminal arrest record. You can get a Florida Criminal Background Check through the FDLE’s website. While the FDLE charges a fee for the online service, you can request a personal records review for free. However, this will take much longer. If you have ever been arrested or issued a criminal citation (notice of appearance) in Florida, you should request a Florida Criminal Background Check.

Florida law (FSS 943.0585 and 943.059) permits a Florida criminal defendant to seal or expunge a Florida criminal record. If you would like to seal or expunge your Florida criminal arrest record, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. Florida law requires that you meet certain eligibility requirements to seal or expunge a criminal record in Florida. Therefore, the assistance and guidance of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer may prove invaluable in your Jacksonville Criminal Record Seal or Expunge.

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