Two Possible Suspects in the Ponte Vedra Burglaries

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida was recently hit with a string of burglaries.  The are two possible suspects in the Ponte Vedra Burglaries.  According to recent reports, two men were caught on video using a credit card that was stolen during the burglaries at a Jacksonville Wal-Mart.  

At first glance, it would appear that these two men committed the Ponte Vedra burglaries.  However, that may not be the case.  St. John’s County police officers found a television and laptop near of one Ponte Vedra Beach home, and they obtained fingerprints from the television. The prints may not belong to the two men.  If the Ponte Vedra burglars left a television and a laptop after the burglary, it is possible that they left the credit cards as well.  The two men may have found the credit card or another person may have given it to them. While they should not have used the card, they are not necessarily guilty of burglary in Ponte Vedra.  
As a Jacksonville Burglary Attorney, the first thing that I would look at is the time between the Ponte Vedra burglary and the Jacksonville Wal-Mart purchase.  The longer the time period, the more likely it is that the two men received the card at a later time and did not obtain it by burglary.  
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