String of Burglaries in Ponte Vedra Florida

crowbar.jpgRecently, there has been an increase in burglaries in Ponte Vedra Beach.  St. John’s County police officers have been responding to calls from Ponte Vedra residents complaining that their homes were burglarized and their property has been stolen.  St. John’s County police are investigating these cases, and they do have a lead.  St. John’s County police have video surveillance of two men buying a television with a credit card that was stolen from a burglarized Ponte Vedra home.  

In Jacksonville and the surrounding areas (such as Ponte Vedra), burglary happens often.  In many Jacksonville burglary cases, the culprit is not apprehended.  It is difficult for police to solve a Jacksonville area burglary without any kind of “lead” in the case.  In my experience as a Jacksonville Burglary Lawyer, police usually get a lead for a Jacksonville burglary from events that occur after the burglary.  In the Ponte Vedra burglaries, police will investigate the men that used the credit cards, and those men may be charged with burglary in Ponte Vedra.  
As a Jacksonville Burglary Attorney, I have seen many criminal defendants charged with burglary and dealing in stolen property at the same time.  For example, Jacksonville police officers will find stolen items from a Jacksonville burglary at pawnshops and find out who pawned the items. They arrest the suspect and charge him with burglary and dealing in stolen property in Jacksonville, Florida.  The good news is they found the Jacksonville burglary victim’s property.  The bad news is, without any other proof, Jacksonville police may have arrested the wrong man.  
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