Two More Juveniles Arrested For Jacksonville Attempted Armed Robbery

volvo_in_a_garge.jpgJacksonville teen, Daniel Sanchez, was not the only person arrested in connection with the attempted armed robbery of Jacksonville Assistant Police Chief, Carson Tranquille.  Two other Jacksonville teens, Ishmael Mercer and Michael Media were also arrested.  According to detectives investigating the Jacksonville attempted armed robbery, Sanchez confessed that he and the two other boys committed the crime.  He stated that he and one of his co-defendants were armed with guns.

In Jacksonville, Florida, if a person is in actual possession of a firearm when committing a crime, the 10-20-Life statute applies.  In this Jacksonville attempted armed robbery case, the minimum sentence that Sanchez and the other armed co-defendant will receive is 10 years in prison.  Additionally, a defendant that falls under the 10-20-Life statute is ineligible for gain-time and must complete the entire ten years without early release.  Florida’s 10-20-Life law does not apply to the co-defendant that was not in actual possession of a firearm.
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