Jacksonville Police Officer Shoots a Home Invader

house_american_flag.jpgIn Jacksonville, Florida, 16-year-old, Daniel Sanchez, and one or two other intruders confronted Jacksonville Assistant Police Chief, Carson Tranquille, and his wife in the couple’s garage late Saturday night.  The Jacksonville police officer shot the teenager in the leg, but the other culprit(s) ran away.  

Florida Statute Section 776.013 allows a Jacksonville resident to use deadly force against a home intruder.  This law is often referred to as Florida’s castle doctrine.  Florida’s castle doctrine is intended to protect the Jacksonville resident from criminal liability when defending the home.  
In Officer Tranquille’s case, he acted in self-defense pursuant to Florida’s castle doctrine.  The Jacksonville Police Officer was in his garage when he used deadly force against Sanchez, a person that had unlawfully entered his Jacksonville residence.  To learn more about Florida’s castle doctrine or other Jacksonville self-defense laws, contact a Jacksonville Self-Defense Attorney.  
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