Jacksonville DUI Attorney: Videos Can Make or Break the Case

A Florida DUI Video can make or break a Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence Case.  In some Jacksonville Police Cars ( DUI units), the vehicle is equipped with a dash camera.  When an Jacksonville officer turns on his emergency lights to stop a vehicle, the camera activates.  The camera records the stop and everything that occurs after the stop.  


As a Jacksonville DUI lawyer, I have seen many Florida DUI videos.  Most of the time, the recordings are favorable to a Florida DUI defendant.  In the DUI video, the Jacksonville driver will exit the vehicle without a problem, speak properly, and not appear to be impaired at all.  To the contrary, the Jacksonville police officer will state, in his report, that the person had trouble exiting the vehicle, speaking, and walking.  The police officer will say that these are all signs of impairment in a Jacksonville DUI case, and that the DUI defendant exhibited these signs.  However, the Driving Under the Influence video does not lie.  Instead, when comparing the video to the officer’s testimony, it appears that the Jacksonville driver was not impaired, and the police officer is not being truthful.  
To learn more about Jacksonville DUI videos and how they can be beneficial to a Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence case, contact a Jacksonville Driving Under the Influence Attorney.  
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