St. John’s County Florida Counterfeit Currency Bust

Two men were arrested yesterday for passing counterfeit currency in St. Augustine, Florida. Georgia residents, Karl Hollingsworth and Dennis James, were booked into the St. John’s County Jail and charged with Florida Possession of Counterfeit Currency, Florida Possession of Tools for Forgery Counterfeiting, and Passing a Forged Bill. This stems from the accusation that James passed an altered $100 bill at the St. Augustine Outlet Mall. However, they were not stopped at this Florida mall. Instead, an employee of one of the stores followed their vehicle to the International Golf Parkway. Local media reports that the employee lost the vehicle as it turned South on Interstate 95. The employee gave a description of the vehicle, a Ford Explorer, to the Florida St. John’s County Police Department.  

Was the stop of this vehicle in St. John’s County, Florida lawful?  Read Stop and Search of St. John’s County Florida Criminal Defendant’s Vehicle by a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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