Stop and Search of St. John’s County Florida Criminal Defendant’s Vehicle

St. John’s County Police stopped a vehicle in connection with a Counterfeit Currency allegation based on a tip from an employee at the St. Augustine outlet mall (See St. John’s County Florida Counterfeit Currency Bust by a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer). As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I became suspicious as to whether the police actually stopped the correct vehicle. After all, a Ford Explorer is a popular SUV. However, the media reports state that:

“Investigators said the driver allowed them to search the vehicle, and they found numerous $5 bills, along with a printer and equipment that is used to wash ink from bills, and other counterfeiting equipment. Deputies said they also found several counterfeit $100 bills and property bought with the fake bills.”

Since this evidence is very damaging to the defense, a St. Johns Criminal Defense Attorney will examine the case in great detail to see if there are grounds for a motion to suppress the evidence that police found based on an unlawful stop or seizure (See Exceptions to the Florida Warrant Requirement when Searching a Car in St. John’s County Florida by a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer).

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