Zimmerman’s Bond Hearing Determination

Ponte Vedra Beach AttorneyAfter a lengthy hearing, Judge Lester has decided to bond at $150,000, ankle monitoring, location kept secret (possibly located out of state?), no contact with victim or family, no possession of firearms, no consumption of alcohol, curfew, and must tell sheriff’s office location every 3 days. This Bond Hearing was conducted in a manner both professionally and in a manner for the safety of Zimmerman’s family. Due to safety concerns brought by Zimmerman’s attorney, O’Mara, his family testified at the hearing telephonically.

The State, attempted to show George Zimmerman was a violent person. The State questioned the family on a prior incident regarding a confrontation with a law enforcement officer in 2005 and an injunction with a prior woman. The State also attempted to show a lack of ability for Zimmerman’s family to satisfy any bond that may be set by the Judge. One point the State really harped upon was the website set up by Zimmerman or a representative and the continued investigation into how much money had been donated into the account that was set up.

In contrast, O’Mara showed the families ability to pay any bond set by demonstrating the family’s wiliness to mortgage the house and to use limited monetary funds they may have access to. Furthermore, O’Mara rebutted any inference the State may have inferred regarding Zimmerman’s tendency for violence.

This is just another step in the legal process. One interesting fact revealed were the injuries that Zimmerman suffered the night following the incident. Both his wife and father mentioned lacerations to the back of his head and facial swelling. These facts tend to prove Zimmerman’s allegation of acting in self-defense when he shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin. As this case proceeds more facts of that night in question will be revealed and whether or not Zimmerman’s self defense claim will succeed.

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