Police Find Body Near Florida Lighthouse

When a prosecutor must prove a murder case beyond a reasonable doubt, the more evidence that he or she has, the better the chances of conviction. On the other hand, when defending a murder case, you must look for the lack of evidence to establish reasonable doubt. The Casey Anthony trial is a prime example of a murder case that had a lack of evidence sufficient enough to result in an acquittal of murder charges. For instance, due to the extensive decomposition of Kaylee Anthony’s body, the exact cause of death was unknown. Therefore, this made it more difficult for a jury to convict Anthony.

Yesterday, police found a body near the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and they are working to identify it.”

News4Jax reports that “St. Augustine Police Officer Mark Samson said kayakers on an eco-tour found the body of a middle-age man in Salt Run and 10 a.m. and notified authorities. He said there was no visible trauma to the body. The man was carrying no identification and police are reviewing reports of missing men in the area. An autopsy was to be performed to learn the cause of death and dental records would be used to try and identify the victim.”

If the body was submersed in the water for some time, it is going to be more difficult to prove the cause of death of the individual. However, if the body has not been under water for very long, the medical examiner will be more successful in making a determination.

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