Jacksonville Party goes Wild; One Dead, One in Critical Condition

PoliceSaturday night was supposed to be a time of celebration and festivities for Jacksonville locals on the Northside. The party started as a celebration of the opening of new Northside business, but ended with one man dead and another in critical condition. But, the story takes an unfamiliar path. The police respond to a shooting at the party, where one dies, and while investigating a fight breaks out and leaves another in life-threatening condition. However, what really occurred?

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have made two arrests in connection with the violent beating, but still have not made any arrest in relation to the shooting. One man arrested, Marlon Brice, police state they saw him “kicking” the victim. Here is my issue, there were over 150 people at this party and the police would have been at a severe disadvantage as to viewpoint and location. Is Brice really the person they saw? All those legs in the mix could easily be misidentified. As for the other man, Cory Williams, police allege he shot several times at vehicles as they left the scene. He has subsequently been charged with “shooting a gun at the scene.” Another tough case to prove, yes he had a weapon, but did he actually shoot it or was he covering for another? Did he just happen to pick up the weapon when police arrived? All these questions and more will have to be answered as this case progresses.

Parties can get out of control and when such large numbers are involved, incidents of violence can occur. However, just because Police have made arrests does not always mean they got the right man. That is where the advise and counsel of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer can prove to be invaluable. They can review your case, make proper determination as to justifications and defenses, and make sure your rights are being protected. So, if you are facing Jacksonville Criminal

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