Jacksonville Hardship Licenses for Driver’s with Prior DUI Convictions

When a Jacksonville driver receives a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction, his driver’s license is suspended.  The more prior Jacksonville DUI charges that a driver has, the longer the suspension.  However, most people are eligible for a Florida hardship license, even if they have prior Jacksonville DUI convictions.

According to Florida Statute Section 322.271(2)(a), a hardship driver’s license cannot be granted to a person that has: 
  1. been convicted of DUI two times or 
  2. had his license suspended for refusal two or more times.  

This Florida law does not make an exception for Florida drivers with a refusal suspension.  However, Florida Statute Section 322.271(2)(b) allows a Jacksonville driver that has been previously convicted of DUI to petition for a hardship license, but there is a waiting period.  A Jacksonville DUI that resulted in a five year license suspension has a 12 month waiting period, and a Jacksonville DUI with a ten year license suspension has a 24 month waiting period.  After the waiting period has expired, a Jacksonville DUI lawyer can petition the department of motor vehicles and establish the basis for granting a hardship license.  

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