Get a Florida Hardship Driver’s License after a Jacksonville DUI

1035921_gps_driving_2.jpgAfter a Jacksonville DUI arrest, normally, the driver receives a 10 day temporary driving permit.  During this time period, his Jacksonville DUI Attorney should request a DMV hearing which will occur within 30 days of such request.  During this 30 day period, the Jacksonville DMV will issue a temporary driving permit.  After the hearing, the DMV will either reverse the Jacksonville DUI suspension or uphold it.  If the DMV upholds the Florida driver’s license suspension, you may be eligible for a hardship license.

With Jacksonville DUI driver’s license suspensions, a driver normally falls under one of two categories. 
  1. Jacksonville DUI will a blood or breath alcohol level or .08 or higher:  In this scenario, a driver must wait 30 days, after the suspension occurred, before he can obtain a hardship license.  The clock does not begin to run until the Florida driver’s license is actually suspended, so you must wait until after the temporary driving permit expires.
  2. Jacksonville DUI where the driver refused the chemical test:  In this scenario, the driver must wait 90 days, instead of the 30 days stated above.  
Also, you must enroll in and complete the DUI substance abuse education course and evaluation.  If you have not completed the DUI substance abuse education course and evaluation, the Jacksonville DMV can still grant a Florida hardship driver’s license, but you must complete the approved course within 90 days of the reinstatement.
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