Jacksonville Florida Nursing Home Worker Shot Due to Domestic Violence

Yesterday, a nursing home worker was shot by her boyfriend in the parking lot of the Southpoint Terrace Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  The two met in the parking lot of the Center, an argument ensued, and he shot her several times.

Domestic Violence occurs too often in Jacksonville, Florida.  Many victims of Domestic Violence do not know what they can do to stop it.  However, there are options available.  For instance, a victim of domestic abuse can petition the court for an Injunction for Protection against Domestic Violence (a restraining order).  Once this petition is granted, the other person cannot have contact with the victim.  If contact is made, he or she will be arrested and can serve up to one year in jail.
In the case of the nursing home worker, I seriously doubt that this was the first instance of violence.  She was likely eligible to obtain an injunction or restraining order against her boyfriend.  With this restraining order, she would have been able to call the police and have her boyfriend arrested just for showing up in the parking lot.  He could have been arrested just for calling her.  She did not even need to walk outside.  Additionally, he would have been caught carrying a firearm.  If he did not have a permit, he would have been charged with a felony.  
If you are a victim of domestic violence, now is the time to act.  Do not be a victim any longer.  A Jacksonville Florida Domestic Violence Attorney can help you obtain an injunction for protection against violence (restraining order).  A Jacksonville Florida Domestic Violence Attorney knows your rights and will be an advocate for you.  There is nothing more valuable than your safety.  
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