Bond Reduction for Accused Jacksonville Murderer


In Jacksonville, Florida, Barry Carrell obtained a bond reduction on the charge of murder yesterday.  Under the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.131, a criminal defendant is entitled to a reasonable bond.  When setting a bond, the judge takes several factors under consideration.  The court will look at:

(1) the crime that the defendant is charged with and the circumstances surrounding it, 
(2) the strength of the evidence against the criminal defendant, 
(3) the criminal defendant’s ties to the community, including his or her family and his job, 
(4) the criminal defendant’s past criminal record, 
(5) the likelihood that the criminal defendant will appear in court, and 
(6) whether or not the criminal defendant is a threat to the community.  

If you or someone you know has been arrested or you anticipate that he or she will be arrested, you should hire a Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.  A Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer can argue for a low bond at your bond hearing.  You may be eligible for a non-monetary bond (release on your own recognizance).  Also, a Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Attorney can argue for a bond reduction if your bond has already been set.  

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