Jacksonville Jaguar’s Shooter Arrested for Attempted Murder

Football.jpgTyrone Hartsfield will be arraigned today in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was arrested for the attempted murder of Jacksonville Jaguar football player, Richard Collier.  Florida Statute Section 782.04 defines first-degree murder as the unlawful, premeditated killing of a human being.  If the criminal defendant is unable to carry out the murder, this is attempted murder.  In order to commit attempted murder, you must specifically intend to kill another human being.  It is the state attorney’s burden to prove that you intended to kill the other person.  

In Mr. Hartsfield’s case, he is accused of shooting Mr. Collier.  However, this alone is not enough to convict him of attempted first degree murder.  It must be shown that he intended to kill Mr. Collier.  That is where a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer comes in.  A Jacksonville Attempted Murder Attorney can investigate the case to determine if the prosecutor is able to prove that the criminal defendant had the requisite intent.  In a serious case, such as attempted murder, it is import to have a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney that is well-versed in criminal law to protect the criminal defendant’s rights and liberties.  
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