Jacksonville Firm Burglarized: Children’s Computers Stolen

608418_monitor_and_keyboard.jpgA Jacksonville Florida consulting firm, CH 2 M Hill Firm was burglarized and many brand-new computers were stolen.  CH 2 M Hill Firm purchased these computers to give to children in need.  Although no one has been charged with this Jacksonville Florida burglary, this is a burglary to structure or conveyance under Florida Law.  In Jacksonville, Florida, Burglary to a Structure or Conveyance is a third degree felony.  As a Burglary in the third degree, it is punishable by up to five years in the Florida State Prison.  

Although there was no sign of forced entry into the Jacksonville CH 2 Firm, it is a still burglary.  According to Florida Burglary Laws, all that is need to commit a burglary is to enter the premises in some form.  The burglar of the CH 2 Firm must have entered the Jacksonville Firm in order to steal the computers.  Therefore, it is still a burglary even without forced entry.  

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