Jacksonville Child Shot in Gun Accident

GunA Report just released stated a 3-year-old Jacksonville boy was shot in the shoulder when a gun he was handling went off. According to the Police report the bullet struck the floor then ricocheted off, striking the young child in the shoulder. The boy was taken to a local Jacksonville Hospital for treatment.

This is a breaking news story and the details are not fully disclosed at this time. But, as a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I do have several points that should be taken under consideration. First, why was a child handling a weapon? Better yet, why was a child handling a LOADED weapon? Second, where were the parents during this incident? Did they approve of his handling or were they neglecting the child and left him to his own devices? All these questions and more will have to be determined for the police to proceed into their investigation.

This type of accident is both tragic and heartbreaking. The 3-year-old will have lasting scars and the horrific memory of being shot; a pain that no one should ever feel. Additionally, depending upon the circumstances, the parents could be facing criminal charges as well. This case is still in the initial stages and only as the facts present themselves, will we be able to predict how this investigation will end.

If Criminal Charges are brought against the parents or other culpable parties, the advice and counsel of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer could prove invaluable. It is important to contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer if you have been charged with a Jacksonville Criminal Offense, they can evaluate your case and make the proper determination as to moving forward so as to protect you and your rights.

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