Battery at the Jacksonville International Airport

When thinking about Jacksonville airport security, x-ray scanners, searches for explosives and weapons, and terroristic attacks come to mind. As a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, rarely do I hear about Jacksonville Criminal Cases at the airport that do not involve airport security or interaction with the airport staff. Today, I read an article on that surprised me. A woman was arriving in Jacksonville, Florida and exiting the airplane. Another passenger, Patrick White, harassed the woman. He was yelling at her and told her that she was spreading her disease and infecting everyone, because she was coughing. He called her obscene names. Then, he “yelled and charged toward her striking her chest with his right shoulder and arm, driving her back and slamming her into the wall.”

Mr. White was charged with Jacksonville Battery in Jacksonville, Florida. The woman was treated for some bruising on her back. There is no information as to what motivated White to attack. When receiving a case such as this, a Jacksonville Battery Lawyer should speak with the Criminal client to discuss any possible mental illness, whether it has been previously diagnosed or not. This could be a defense to the charge of Jacksonville Battery based upon insanity or incompetence. Regardless, it may give the Jacksonville Battery Lawyer a better insight as to what occurred on after this Jacksonville flight.

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