How seemingly Trivial Acts can have Disastrous Effects

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyA recent incident has come to my attention involving a couple of young men and it has struck my curiosity. I want to let parents and children alike know that sometimes seemingly trivial acts can have disastrous effects on your future if not handled properly by a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney. This specific case involves two children who decided to go for a swing on school grounds after hours.

The names will be withheld and location as well, the facts are straightforward. Two kids decided one night to go to their school late one night to swing on the swing set. It was after hours and they lacked permission to be on the grounds. They proceeded to maneuver over property line locator structures and swing on the swings. It was shortly after they began to swing and discuss the day’s activities that the local Police arrived and arrest the two young children for Trespass. The children are now facing either a 1st or 2nd degree misdemeanor charge.

In Jacksonville, Florida this offense is defined by Florida Statute ยง 810.097. This Statute reads, “[a]ny person who: does not have legitimate business on the campus or any other authorization, license, or invitation to enter or remain upon school property…and who enters or remains upon the campus or any other facility owned by any such school commits a trespass upon the ground of a school facility and is guilty…”

But this story does not end with either a conviction, withhold, or the charges being dropped. It ends with these two children with a Florida Criminal Record that could negatively impact their futures. A Florida Criminal History can make a student ineligible for Student Loans, Scholarships, Admittance into College, etc. That is why it is so important to get a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney involved early so as to prevent these negative implications ever coming to light.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney, the earlier I get involved the more time I have to work for you to get the best possible outcome in your case. If charges have not been filed I can negotiate with the State to drop the charges or reduce the charges. If charges have been filed I can establish mitigating factors to the Judge and the State so as to prevent a conviction for your offense. However, the longer a person waits to get a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney involved the less time I have. So, if you or a loved one is facing a Jacksonville Criminal Offense, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney today. It could make all the difference in your case.

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