How Can I Stop People From Seeing My Florida Criminal Record?

In most cases, you can prevent a perosn from seeing your Florida Criminal Record if you get your record sealed or expunged. In order to do this, you must meet certain criteria. Florida Statute Section 943.0585 lists the requirements for expunging a Florida Criminal Record. Florida Statute Section 943.059 sets forth the requirements for sealing a Florida Criminal Record. Read How to Seal a Criminal Record in Jacksonville, Florida to learn more about the requirements for a Florida Record Seal. Read Getting a Criminal Record Expunged in Jacksonville, Florida for more information on a Florida Record Expunction.

Sealing or Expunging your Florida Criminal Record will not stop every government agency from seeing your record, but it will work for most back ground checks. This is important to many people that are unemployed and looking for jobs. If you have your record sealed or expunged, you may legally deny the arrest.

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