Suspects Arrested for Jacksonville Florida Robbery Charges

Yesterday, two robbery suspects were arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a store in Jacksonville, Florida. Edward Littleon, age 22, and Frederick Jennings, age 17, are being held in Duval County, Florida. has reported that the Jacksonville Criminal Defendants are accused of stealing “money from the Family Dollar cash office and [making] the employees lie on the floor.” An off-duty officer, G.W. Germann, confronted the two suspected robbers. Jacksonville police have reported that “Germann shot [Littleton] in the shoulder, because he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle,” and “Jennings was armed with a loaded revolver.”

Although the Jacksonville Juvenile Robbery Defendant, Jennings, is only 17 years-old, he will likely be charged as an adult, due to the severity of the crime, and his co-defendant will be charged in adult criminal court. Since they both were armed with firearms, they are facing the Florida 10-20-Life Statute. Therefore, they are facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in the Florida State Prison. However, a Youthful Offender Sentence may be available, depending on the circumstances.

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