Setting a Court Date for Traffic Tickets in Jacksonville, Florida

Normally, if you receive a ticket in Jacksonville, Florida, you are given options. You may pay the Jacksonville traffic ticket. You may elect to take the traffic school. You may set a court date and appear in Duval County traffic court. However, in some cases, normally Criminal Traffic Citation, you are not given a choice. You must appear before the judge to plea your case. In addition, Jacksonville traffic citations orders you to set a court date within a certain time period (usually 30 days following the date of citation). If you have received a ticket that orders this, it is likely that you have received a criminal traffic citation. This is not a basic ticket. It will be part of your Florida criminal record.

Therefore, you need to take this infraction seriously. You do not want to enter a plea of no contest or guilty to the ticket without first speaking with a Jacksonville Criminal Traffic Lawyer. If you have been issued a criminal traffic ticket, contact Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer today. You need to understand your rights, defenses, and options available under Florida Law.

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