Florida Resident Arrest after Allegedly throwing Feces at Girlfriend

Crime-SceneLast week a South Florida 24-year old was arrested following a Domestic Violence altercation when he allegedly threw feces at his girlfriend. The boyfriend is also charged with beating his girlfriend with a bed board and his fists. At the scene the girlfriend refused medical attention although she had an abrasion on her chest. The boyfriend also suffered an abrasion to his left arm. Currently he is being held on a $26,000 bond for battery, aggravated battery, and criminal mischief.

In previous blogs I have written about battery (F.S.A. § 784.03) and aggravated battery (F.S.A § 784.045). Simple battery is a first-degree misdemeanor, whereas, aggravated battery is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. These are serious charges pending against this young man.

This case is just in the initial stages and there is still a lot that has to be determined before he can be convicted of the charges against him. For instance, the police only arrested the man, but he also suffered injuries. Could those be self-defense injuries? Did the woman actually start the altercation and he was just protecting himself? These and more will be fleshed out as the case progresses.

As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer these are just some of the tactics I use to assist my clients with pending Jacksonville Criminal Charges. The advice and assist of a Jacksonville Criminal Law Attorney is always recommended when facing multiple Criminal Charges. So, if you have one or multiple Jacksonville Criminal Charges pending, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your case and make a determination as to the best approach in moving forward.

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