Arrested for Under Age Drinking at the Florida-Georgia Game in Jacksonville

The Florida-Georgia game is the largest football game of the year in Jacksonville, Florida. People begin tailgating around the stadium days before the game. This college football game attracts Florida Gator and Georgia Bulldog fans of all ages. Naturally, this college football game is bound to attract University of Florida and University of Georgia fans alike. Most college students are under 21 years of age and therefore unable to legally consume alcohol. However, this does not stop most of them from drinking. The Florida Times Union has reported that “last year, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco wrote 213 citations for underage possession of alcohol during the big weekend.” Many of the police officers will be dressed in plain clothes, so it will be easier for them to find offenders.

This is a Big time for Jacksonville and Visitors alike, but we must make sure the environment stays safe and orderly. Therefore, if you choose to indulge in the festivities and games of this weekend make sure you are of legal drinking age (21 in Florida) and be safe. Everyone wants to have a fun weekend, lets make sure we keep it that way!

However, If you are cited or arrested for an alcohol offense, do not plea guilty or no contest to the Jacksonville criminal charge without first consulting with a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. Even if you merely pay a citation, you may be doing something that will later affect your criminal record. Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer today to discuss your case and determine what we can do for you.

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