How Many Times Can You Get Your Criminal Record Expunged or Sealed in Florida?

Question: I have already had an arrest record expunged. I was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, and I want to get that sealed or expunged. Is it possible to seal or expunge my new Florida arrest if I have already had my record expunged before?

Answer: Usually, not you cannot have your record sealed or expunged twice. Under Section 943.0585(2)(f) and 943.059(2)(e), a Florida criminal defendant cannot have his criminal record sealed if he has secured a record sealing or expunction under one of these sections or “former s. 893.14, former s. 901.33, or former s. 943.058, unless expunction is sought of a criminal history record previously sealed for 10 years pursuant to [943.0585(h)] and the record is otherwise eligible for expunction.” Fla. Stat. ยง 943.0585(2)(f) (2011). Therefore, you cannot petition the court to seal or expunge your Florida criminal arrest record under Section 943.0585 or 943.059 and then seal or expunge another crime. However, if you sealed a record under Section 943.059, and it has been sealed for 10 years, you may be eligible to expunge that arrest in Florida.

There is also an exceptions for minors, Florida Juvenile Offenders, under Section 943.0582(6) of the Florida Statutes (See Can I Seal or Expunge My Florida Criminal Record if I had My Juvenile Recorded Expunged?).

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