When can I have my Criminal Record Sealed?

Record-Seal1As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer I receive numerous calls about the desire to have one’s Criminal Record Sealed. Everyone has made mistakes in their past and those mistakes should not haunt a person for the rest of their lives. However, there are limitations as to who may receive a record seal, certain requirements must be met, and most importantly – have not been CONVICTED GUILTY for any criminal offense.

The procedure and requirements for having your Jacksonville Criminal Record Sealed are outlined in Florida Statute ยง 943.059. Under that Statute, the State requires the person wanting their record Sealed to provide a valid certificate of eligibility and a sworn statement attesting to the statutory requirements. Those requirements are:

  1. Never adjudicated guilty;
  2. Never adjudicated guilty of acts stemming from this arrest;
  3. Never had a previous record seal or expunction; AND
  4. Based upon the person’s knowledge or belief is eligible and does not have another petition before the court.

The process of obtaining the proper paperwork and statutory requirements can become complex and cumbersome. That is where the advice and representation of a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer could prove to be invaluable. As a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer I can review your Criminal History and make the initial determination as to whether or not your eligible for a Jacksonville Record Seal. Therefore, if you have a past that is negatively impacting your future, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer today.

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