What Happens to the Person who put up the Bond for someone that does not return to Court?

Bail-BondAs a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer many Criminal Defendants are out on bail. Bail comes in many forms and is determined by the judge during the initial appearances of the defendant. Furthermore, a bail can be set in a monetary amount, ROR, or surety. But, what happens if bail is paid and subsequently the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant does not appear at the required court hearing?

Florida Statutes Chapter 903 specifically deals with all matters relating to Bail. The Statute of particular importance in this blog is ยง 903.26 “Forfeiture of the bond…” According to the Statute, a bond can be forfeited for a breach of the conditions set forth in the bond and/or failure of the Defendant to appear at a required Court hearing. Failure of a Defendant to appear at a required Court hearing can have serious adverse consequences in your pending Jacksonville Criminal case. Additionally, up failure to appear the Court will issue a capias or a bench warrant for your arrest. A warrant will only compound the Criminal issues that are presently before you.

What about the person who paid the bond for your release? They will not have criminal or civil charges brought against them, unless they aided or assisted in your bail jumping. However, they will have lost the amount of money given to the Courts guaranteeing your return. This can be a substantial loss for some. It could mean the loss of your home, car, or a large sum of money. My advise for those who decide to post bail for another, make sure the Jacksonville Criminal Defendant is going to return to court before deciding to post their bail. It will not benefit either party if the Defendant does not return to Court.

If you have pending criminal charges against you and your out on bail, it is in your best interest to consult a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer. They will be able to evaluate your case and determine the best avenue in which to proceed.

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