Three St. Johns County Juveniles Arrested for Fruit Cove Burglary

In St. Johns County, Florida, three juveniles were arrested for burglary to a house in Fruit Cove, Florida. Jordan Michael Golden (16) and Cameron Matthew Straughn (15) were arrested for armed burglary to a dwelling, dealing in stolen property and grand theft. Another juvenile criminal defendant, Gavin Michael Loftus has been charged with Florida dealing in stolen property and obstruction by giving false information to a law enforcement officer in St. Johns County, Florida. (See Three Fruit Cove Teens Arrested in Connection with Burglary in the First Coast News for entire article and pictures).

The charges are all felonies and extremely serious crimes. No only are these Fruit Cove Juveniles looking at possible incarceration, but they charges could haunt them in the future. With a future ahead of them, it is important that they make the right decisions in their cases. They should certainly have separate representation due to the potential conflict of interest with these St. Johns County juvenile defendants. When co-defendants are arrested, they often turn against one another. It is important that each Clay County criminal defendant has his own Clay County Criminal Lawyer, so an attorney is looking out for the individual’s best interest.

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