Can I Seal or Expunge My Florida Criminal Record if I had My Juvenile Recorded Expunged?

Expunging a juvenile record may not prevent you from expunging or sealing an adult criminal record, in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida Statute Section 943.0582 permits a juvenile to expunge his or her record if he or she meets certain requirements (See Expunging a Florida Juvenile Record). If the Jacksonville Juvenile criminal record was expunged pursuant to Florida Statute Section 943.0582, the juvenile may still be eligible to have a future Jacksonville criminal arrest sealed under Section 943.059 or expunged under Section 943.0585, Florida Statutes. Section 943.0582(6) specifically states that:

“Expunction or sealing granted under this section does not prevent the minor who receives such relief from petitioning for the expunction or sealing of a later criminal history record as provided for in ss. 943.0585 and 943.059, if the minor is otherwise eligible under those sections.”

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