The Importance of Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers

jacksonville_skyline_ii.jpgAs a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, I often get asked “how can you do that?”  “That” refers to representing Jacksonville’s Criminal Defendants.  In Jacksonville, Florida, there is a stigma to being a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney.  Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers are treated as if they do not care about the moral and safety of Jacksonville, Florida.  This is far from true.  

For instance, watch the famous HBO documentary “Murder on a Sunday Morning.”  In this case, two Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Public Defenders Office (Mr. McGuinness and Ms. Finnell) represented Jacksonville Criminal Defendant, Brenton Butler.  This Jacksonville Criminal Defendant was only 16-years-old and charged with first degree murder.  At Mr. Butler’s trial, the Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys proved that Jacksonville police officers beat a confession out of Mr. Butler.  Due to the hard work of the Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Butler was found not guilty.  
However, the most important part of this case is what occurred a day after the HBO documentary aired.  The Jacksonville Sheriff announced that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office would begin videotaping confessions.  This shows that a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer can change the Jacksonville community for the better.  I find this story inspiring and motivating, and it makes me proud to be a former Jacksonville Assistant Public Defender and  a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney.  
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