St. Augustine Florida DUI Lawyer Shares What Police Look for in Driving Under the Influence Cases

In St. Augustine Florida DUI Cases, police officers look for indicators of impairment. They are looking for certain phyical symptoms that they believe show that a driver is impaired by drugs or alcoholic beverages. The most commom symptoms that they look for are:

  1. blood-shot, watery eyes;
  2. a flushed faced;
  3. an odor of an alcoholic beverage (anywhere from slight to strong);
  4. slurred speech;
  5. inability to balace;
  6. troubling walking or exiting the vehicle; and
  7. troubling answering questions (ability to understand).

If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in St. Augustine, Florida, contact a St. Augustine DUI Lawyer to discuss the facts of your case and see what defenses you may have to the charge. 

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