Search for a Missing Woman Leads to St. Augustine Florida DUI Charge

Police Officers in St. Augustine, Florida received calls from concerned persons regarding a woman named Renee Birchall. As the St. Augustine Beach Police Department was in the process of searching for Ms. Birchall, one of the police officer’s vehicles was rear-ended. Police were suprised to discover that Ms. Birchall was the driver of that vehicle. Local reports stated, “the first arriving St. Augustine police officer who went to check on Birchall said she was sitting in her vehicle drinking from a bottle of vodka.” She was arrested for St. Augustine Florida Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

You do not need a St. Augustine DUI Lawyer to tell you that drinking a bottle of liquor while sitting in your vehicle is a good way to pick up a St. Augustine Driving Under the Influence charge. Likewise, rear-ending a police vehicle will not help your case either. There are some less obvious indicators of impairment that police look for (See St. Augustine Florida DUI Lawyer Shares What Police Look for in Driving Under the Influence Cases).

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