Protecting Your Guns and Gun Rights in Florida

The second amendment is a staple in American constitutional law.  Gun rights lawyers and other second amendment advocates quote and cite it often.  After America fought and won its independence, our founding fathers knew that an armed militia was important to the survival of the new nation.  Nevertheless, there are those that still are weary of firearms and the destruction they can cause when not properly used or when guns fall into the wrong hands.

Gun3According to, a rash of stolen guns from unlocked cars has the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office concerned.  JSO noticed a spike in guns being stolen from cars.  In April, there were 69 guns stolen from cars; 41 of the guns stolen were taken from unlocked cars.  Guns can absolutely be useful for personal protection, but gun owners have a responsibility to keep them away from children and thieves.  Being careless enough to leave a gun in an unlocked car only gives ammunition to those who are adamantly against guns and wish to see more regulation.

Those that are anti-gun, can’t dispute the fact that guns save lives when used properly, just as guns take lives when used irresponsibly.  Take former CNN anchor Lynne Russell and her husband, former CNN reporter, Chuck de Caro for example.  The couple was recently accosted at gun point by a would-be robber when a gun was placed to Mrs. Russell’s stomach, and she was forced into her hotel room.  There was ultimately a shoot out between the would-be robber and de Caro, who was shot three times.  Return fire from de Caro hit and killed the would-be robber.

The moral of the story is that it is very important to exercise proper care as a gun owner to keep your gun secured.  Securing your guns keeps them out of the hands of those that are up to no-good, and it also keeps your guns ready and available for your protection.  For more information on gun rights, call the Law Office of David M. Goldman, PLLC at (904) 685-1200 where we have experienced gun rights lawyers that can assist you or a loved one regarding your gun rights, even with restoration of gun rights if they’ve been lost.  We also have experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers that can help you reach the best outcome in your case if you’ve been charged with a gun crime.  Initial criminal consultations are free.

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