Record Seal, Expunge: Most Common Question and Misunderstanding

Jacksonville Criminal AttorneyAs a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney I handle all types of criminal cases and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for my clients. In dealing with Criminal Law issues, I also handle Florida Record Seal, Expunge matters. This allows me to provide my clients assistance after the judicial system has taken place.

To be eligible for a Florida Record Seal, Expunge you must meet several statutorily defined criteria. All these criteria can be explained by me during our initial FREE consultation. However, recently I have received a large number of calls regarding past Criminal charges and their potential to be Sealed or Expunged. Let me Clarify one point, IF you have ever been CONVICTED of any Criminal Offense, you are NOT eligible for a record Seal or Expunge of ANY of your Florida Criminal Offenses.

Therefore, if your Florida Criminal History shows a CONVICTION, you are not applicable. However, if the charges were DROPPED or adjudication was WITHHELD, you could still potentially have your Florida Record Sealed, Expunge.

If you have a Florida Criminal History that is not perfect, give a Jacksonville Criminal Attorney a call today.

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