The use of Science to Avoid a Traffic Citation

Ponte Vedra Traffic Citation AttorneyAs a Ponte Vedra Traffic Citation Attorney, I use all my available resources to provide my clients with Zealous representation. I further strive to resolve my clients with the best possible outcome given their current circumstance. However, my attention was drawn to a recent article about a College Student’s testimony and his resolution of a Traffic Violation. In this case he was able to fight the ticket and get the charges dropped against him, saving $400!

In this circumstance the College student, Dmitri Krioukov, was issued a Traffic Citation for running a Stop sign. Dmitri was able to use his knowledge of Physics to challenge the officer’s perception and ultimately convince the court that a mistake had been made. I have attached a copy of the document, The Proof Of Innocence for your review and insight into how Dmitri went about Fighting the Traffic Court.

This case has caught attention from national news agencies and Traffic Attorney’s everywhere. While I cannot say if you get a Ponte Vedra Traffic Citation, I will be utilizing the officer’s perception based upon linear speed and obstruction of view to fight your ticket. I can tell you I will use whatever resources available to me to provide you with a defense that is both within the confines of the law and will result in an amicable resolution of your case.

Therefore, if you find yourself being issued a Ponte Vedra Traffic Citation, contact a Traffic Citation Attorney to represent you. I can provide assistance in preventing points be issued to your license and potentially preventing an increase in your insurance premiums. Don’t delay, contact me today!!

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