Judge Presiding over Zimmerman Case Recuses Herself

Orange Park Criminal Defense LawyerToday Circuit Court Judge Recksiedler has recused herself from the Zimmerman case. This action follows Zimmerman’s Attorney, O’Mara, request that the Judge recuse herself due to possible conflict. A new Circuit Court Judge to preside over the case has not been named.

The potential conflict arises from her husbands connection with the Defense Attorney. Judge Recksiedler’s husband works with Mark NeJame, an attorney Zimmerman’s family turned to for representation. NeJame declined representation and referred then to O’Mara, his current attorney. NeJame has since been hired by CNN to report on the case.

As an Orange Park Criminal Defense Lawyer, I know the importance to have a judge that has no conflict with the Case. Florida law allows a Judge to recuse themselves if there is the slightest possibility of a conflict. In this case, a weak connection between the Judge and the current attorney was all that was required for the Judge to decide to recuse herself.

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