My Florida Driver’s License is Being Suspended for 5 Years

As a Jacksonville Florida Driver’s License Lawyer, I get many calls from people stating, “Help! I just received a letter in the mail that says my driver’s license is going to be suspended for five years.” The Jacksonville driver that called is normally being declared a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO), and that is why his or her license is being suspended for five years. As a Florida HTO, if the driver gets caught driving with a habitual traffic offender suspension in Jacksonville, he or she will be arrested for felony driving with a suspended or revoked license.

When you receive a letter from the Florida Department of Highway and Safety Motor Vehicles, do not wait to do something about it. Stopping your Florida Driver’s License from being suspended cannot occur in a day. You will likely need to reopen one of your older cases to reverse this Habitual Traffic Offender suspension. A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer should discuss your case with you. In order to reopen an old Jacksonville Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License case, your attorney will need to be able to present the court with mitigating evidence that will set you apart from other Jacksonville drivers in the same situation. When talking with a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, it is important to tell him everything about your Florida Habitual Traffic Offender driver’s license suspension and your Florida driving record, so he can prepare your case properly for you.

Contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, to discuss your Florida driver’s license case and determine what mitigating factors may prevent you from losing your license for 5 years!

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