More Evidence in Anthony’s Florida Child Murder Case

chemistry1.jpgThere is new evidence in the murder case of Caylee Anthony, a Florida missing child.  At the start of this Florida missing child case, many suspected that her mother, Casey Anthony murdered the child in Florida.  However, Casey Anthony was not charged with the Florida murder until months after the child’s disappearance, due the need for more evidence. In October, she was charged with the Florida murder of her missing child.  Today, more circumstantial evidence in the Florida child murder case was discoveredand is likely being reviewed by her Florida criminal lawyer and the Florida prosecutor.  The remains are just another piece of evidence that her Florida criminal defense lawyer will need to rebut.  

In Florida, a criminal case can be proven by direct evidence or circumstantial evidence.  Direct evidence is evidence that links a Florida criminal defendant directly to the Florida crime, such as the murder weapon in a Florida murder case.  Circumstantial evidence does not link the Florida criminal defendant directly to the crime, but taken as a whole, proves that the Florida criminal defendant committed the crime.  
Casey Anthony’s Florida child murder case is one that prosecutor’s will attempt to prove with circumstantial evidence.  Thus far, the Florida prosecutor appears to have the following Florida circumstantial evidence:
  1. The child was missing for one month before Anthony reported her as a Florida missing child.  
  2. Anthony alleged that the babysitter had her, but Florida police are unable to verify this.  
  3. Anthony’s mother made statements that Anthony’s car smelled like a decomposing body during the time period that the Florida child was missing.  
  4. The Florida missing child’s hair and unidentified body fluid were found in the trunk of Anthony’s car.  
  5. Air sample tests from Anthony’s trunk may show that the trunk once had a decomposing body.  
  6. Photographs of Anthony partying in a Florida nightclub before she reported the Florida child missing.  
  7. Recorded jail telephone calls referring to the Florida missing child’s whereabouts.  
  8. Police found the remains of a child that match the Florida missing child’s DNA profile less than half a mile from the Anthony’s Florida home.  
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