Model Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Cocaine through the Airport

CocaineAs a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer I scour the local, national, and world news to stay informed on current Criminal legal issues. Just recently a news article by sparked my interest. The article titled “Cocaine Bust Lands Curvy Model in Italian Jail,” was a colorfully written article.

The article states a Spanish model attempted to smuggle Cocaine into Italy via prosthetic breasts and buttocks. The model’s plan was to distract the TSA by wearing tight-fitting clothes and her attractiveness would take suspicion away from the real task at hand. However, her “extra-large bosom and derriere” caught the attention of TSA and they investigated. After failing to provide sufficient answers to their questions, they conducted a strip search. The search revealed the model was attempting to smuggle 5.5 pounds of cocaine.

Currently the charges are pending and dependent upon Italian and international law, the charges could be quite severe. This article intrigued my legal mind because it shows the diminished expectation of privacy one holds while traveling through airports. At airports all the authorities need is reasonable suspicion before they can investigate. In contrast, inside one’s own home the expectation of privacy is very high. Police are required to have a warrant before entering your home, absent exigent circumstances.

Even with this diminished REP, you still have rights! If the authorities violate these rights, the evidence collected against could be inadmissible in court or the charges could be dropped all together. A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer can review your case and determine if the authorities have violated your rights and take the appropriate action to rectify the situation. Criminal drug possession and trafficking charges carry serious penalties and jail time. It is in your best interest if you have Jacksonville Criminal charges pending against you to contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer to discuss your case and determine the best course of action moving forward.

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