Jacksonville Trafficking in Cocaine Attorney on Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Like many Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys, I began my career working at the Duval County Office of the Public Defender in Jacksonville, Florida. I began working as a misdemeanor attorney and was later promoted as a felony attorney. One of my mentors at the office explained to me that the cases in my felony division would not be that different. She told me, “trafficking is the same as possession, but the defendant is just possessing a lot more of the drug.” While this is true, there is a big difference: the sentence involved.

For example, in a Jacksonville Trafficking in Cocaine case, a defendant is looking at a minimum mandatory sentence in Florida State Prison which will depend on the amount of cocaine possessed. It can range anywhere from 3 years to life in prison (See Trafficking Sentences).

If you are facing Possession of Cocaine or Trafficking in Cocaine charges in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding counties, contact a Jacksonville Possession of Cocaine Lawyer.

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