Jacksonville Reckless Driving: Statutory Requirements


According to Florida Statute Section 901.15, a Jacksonville police officer can arrest a person without a warrant for a violation of the Florida Traffic Code if he:

(a) witnesses the Florida traffic violation himself or
(b) another law enforcement officer witnesses the Florida traffic violation and relays the proper identification information.

In some cases, a Jacksonville police officer does not need to witness the Florida traffic violation at all.Under Florida Statute Section 316.645, a Jacksonville police officer has the authority to arrest the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash even if he did not witness the traffic violation.The Jacksonville police officer must investigate the accident scene and reasonably believe that the driver committed a traffic violation in Jacksonville, Florida.

For example, in order to be arrested for reckless driving in Jacksonville, Florida, a law enforcement officer must observe the vehicle driving recklessly.However, if the vehicle crashes into a tree, the Jacksonville police officer may speak with witnesses and investigate the scene.If the officer reasonably believes that the driver was driving recklessly, he may arrest the driver for reckless driving in Jacksonville Florida.

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