Jacksonville Probation Violations: Keep Track of Everything You Do

1184079_pencil_and_paper.jpgJacksonville plea bargains often result in probation sentences.  As part of a negotiated sentence, the Jacksonville criminal defendant is placed on probation for a certain amount of time.  He must comply with the standard conditions of probation, such as meeting with his probation officer and paying a monthly fee.  Additionally, the Jacksonville probationer usually will have special conditions of probation, such as random urine tests, mental health and/or drug and alcohol counseling.  

For example, the standard probation sentence for a first DUI in Jacksonville, Florida is as follows: 

  1. 50 hours of community service;
  2. Level one DUI school;
  3. Victim Impact Panel;
  4. Fines and court costs (totaling over $1000.00); and
  5. Ten day vehicle tag impoundment.  
If the probationer does not complete all of these conditions within the time period mandated by the court, the Jacksonville probation officer will violate his probation.  Once this occurs, a warrant is issued, and the probationer is arrested.  
The best thing that a criminal defendant can do, once he is place on probation in Jacksonville, is to keep a journal of everything that involves his probation.  This journal should state what happened and the date that the occurrence takes place.  Moreover, he should keep all documents associated with the occurrence.  
Below is an example: 
1/1/09:  Placed on probation (keep all documents that the probation officer gives you on that date).
1/2/09:  Reported to the Salvation Army Probation Office and filled out all paperwork.  Spoke to Ms. Jones at the downtown Jacksonville Probation Office.
2/6/09:  Meet with my Jacksonville Probation Officer, Ms. Smith.  
2/7/09:  Signed up for the DUI course (keep the receipt).
2/27/09:  Completed the DUI course (keep the certificate).
This journal, along will all other documents, will be useful if you are ever charged with Jacksonville Violation of Probation.  Also, staying organized will help you avoid a probation violation.  
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