Jacksonville Police Officer Refuses DUI Blood Test for St. Johns County Traffic Case

Jacksonville Police Officer, Michael E. Rolison, declined to take a blood test after being involved in a car accident. Officer Rolison of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was driving home in his patrol car “when he was involved in the wreck on Greenbriar Road in St. Johns County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.” According to the Florida Times Union (Jacksonville.com), the Florida Highway Patrol found that he “was at fault when his westbound car crossed into the eastbound lane of Greenbriar and struck the front of a vehicle driven by Joshua Carter, 18, of St. Johns.”

Both drivers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. A Florida trooper asked Rolison for a blood sample, because he smelled alcohol on Rolison’s breath. Rolison would not give a blood sample for blood alcohol content testing. Although Rolison did not give a blood sample, he may still face Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges in St. Johns County, Florida. Therefore, it is important that he contact a St. Johns County Driving Under the Influence Attorney immediately. There are defenses to this charge (See Defense to Refusal for Jacksonville Police Officer’s DUI Blood Draw Refusal).

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