Jacksonville Man Wrongfully Charged of Sexual Assault in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville former firefighter, Daniel Foote, was arrested for Jacksonville Sexual Assault. He was accused of rape but released from jail on April 23, 2010. He was arrested after a woman alleged that he sexually assaulted her, and police linked him to DNA evidence. Later, the woman recanted and stated that the sexual encounter was consensual. This led to his release.

Although Mr. Foote is no longer in custody, his charges have not been dropped. Indeed, I anticipate that charges will be dropped. However, this will not clear this charge from his Florida Criminal Record. In order to have these charges expunged in Florida, he will need to have the charges dropped. Additionally, he cannot have any prior convictions. According to News4Jax.com, he has a prior charge, which may have resulted in a conviction, and if this is the case, a Florida Record Expunction will not be permitted.

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